Will the Vertical Coin Bank work with foreign coins?

 The bank is designed to hold US currency, which ranges in thickness from dimes (1.35mm) to nickels (1.95mm). Using coins outside this range causes stacking and sticking.

  • Canada: The only coin to fall outside of the acceptable range is 10 cent pieces @ (1.22mm)
  • Euro: Ranges from 1.67-2.33mm. I make a Euro compatible version.
  • UK: 20p and smaller coins would work normally in the US version. I am also offering a version that would work with £1 and £2 coins only. Sadly, because of the great variance in coin width, it is impossible to offer a version to accommodate them all.
  • Japan: The ¥1 is 1.2mm, the ¥500 is 2mm. The difference is too great to accommodate them all, however the US version should work with all except the ¥1 coins.
  • Norway: The 1,5,10,20 kroner 1.7-2.2mm so should work with the Euro version.
  • Denmark: Coins range from 1.55-2.35. It is close to the euro version but a little bigger range. Message me if you are interested.

Please email me @ nathan@revol-design.com with any questions regarding foreign coins or international shipping rates.